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Miss Grand Nigeria

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Miss Grand Nigeria is a leadership platform for ambitious young Nigerian women. Through a pageantry process, contestants receive world-renowned coaching in addition to advanced networking, business and life skills. Beautiful, diverse and powerful, these women are shaped into celebrated ambassadors of our country; role models with voices that resonate and brands that inspire 365 days a year.

We are an inclusive and accessible brand that welcomes young Nigerian women of all backgrounds, appearances, and belief systems. We empower these talented young women to confront their inherent strength and embrace their future. We are not a once-off event, we are a powerful organization, a leading voice on female empowerment and a launchpad for much-needed social change.


MGN is an 'embodiment' of inspiration for young Nigerian women to move beyond their circumstances and carries our torch on the international stage.


We believe that true beauty is a combination of self-confidence, authenticity, a healthy lifestyle, and the tools to maximise one’s God-given assets.


We recognise our duty to intellectually empower women through the creation of opportunities, choices, and power to control their own destinies.


MGN revolves around issues she deems important. It may be a societal issue, environmental issue, etc. which she advocates for while on her Miss Grand journey.

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Santiago Roberts

National Director

Yetunde Barnabas


Collete Nwadike

International Liason Director

Smart Courage

Creative & Artistic Director

Davidson Ibeh

Glam Head

Tobi Alabi

Grooming Director